Quality biyela net worth

The actress does not reveal her age but keeps serving looks that leaves everyone confused, in a good way of course. This does not stop speculations from making rounds and judging from her looks, she is in her 30s. Although she participates in drama while in school, she does not expect her hobby to become her career. Her dexterities land her a first job at Mbongeni Ngema Committed Artists as a dancer, lead vocalist and actress.

quality biyela net worth

After three years of attaining skills and perfecting her craft, she enrols for a Bachelor of Education Degree at the University of South Africa Unisa.

Due to circumstances beyond her control, she drops out in the second year of her studies. Punching above her weight, she lands herself a job as a teacher at Ohlelo Combined School in Nkandla. It was while she was teaching that she releases her first afro-pop album in This sees her joining the radio industry doing news reading at Icora FM in The following year, she grabs an opportunity and as luck would have it, she becomes a radio presenter at Ukhozi FM.

She has also played a grieving mother on IHostela and Durban Gen opens up doors for her to play a character that is more fitting for her. The industry recognises her efforts, as she is nominated for the Best Actress category in the Sabela Mabhunu Awards This noteworthy achievement puts her on the map and makes her a force to reckon with.

If she is not spitting vocals, on air or gracing the small screen, she will be infiltrating male dominated spaces. Zim Dollar is in the taxi industry, and has been pursuing this force for two years now.

The doting mother is enjoying her parenting duties and is absolutely in love with her ten year old son. She makes controversial comments about the fight between the SABC and Owen Ndlovu over the summer song competition concept.

We know some of you spent a lot of money voting. Some of you even sold your goats in order to vote, but this happened. But to those who only spent R1. Amidst her acting gigs, singing career, taxi business and other side hustles, the actress is winning.

As she is in her element, she continues to dream big and keeps the money rolling in.

quality biyela net worth

November 2, Music tends to soothe the soul, and Pierre Pee Thomas made it better by producing quality music after starting his QC record label. The record label is very famous, and it is known to have signed some of the famous artists.

Coach K is also a partner in business and is popular when it comes to perfecting music artists and making their dreams come true. Interest and passion are things that make people excel in their line of work. Coach K had a great liking for trap leading him to become a music producer. Moreover, he has recorded significant achievements including mentoring great artists like Migos and Lil Yachty.

Considering the vast years of experience that Coach K has, it is evident that his net worth is outstanding. On the other hand, Pierre Pee Thomas made music his source of inspiration and income.

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The Quality Control QC music label is bringing him significant accomplishments, and net earnings making is net worth quite impressive. Coach K was born on September 12,in Georgia. Coach's original birth name is Kelvin Lee. His name "Coach K" was adapted from the influence of one of the artists that he was managing Young Jeezy. The name perfectly suits the Kelvin as he is passionate about producing good music beats and coaching musicianson how to perfect their talents.

The businessman started from a humble background. He is the owner of QC the label which he co-founded with Coach K.

Coach K and Pierre Pee Thomas of QC net worth 2020

The two provided a platform for artists to thrive in their rapping career. On the money factor, Pierre Pee Thomas wears a big smile when going to the bank. The American music record producer is earning big, and his net worth is impressive. Is this not an impressive amount that promises a good life? Furthermore, Pee has proved that graduating from school is just an eye-opener as he discovered his love for music that led him to his success.

Kelvin Lee is also a prominent icon in the music platform. The credit he gets from the musical production reviews is quite encouraging. On top of that, he manages most artists signed in the label with passion and zeal for greatness.Edmit offers smart personal advice for you on how to make the college decision.

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quality biyela net worth

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quality biyela net worth

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Menzi Biyela Biography, Age, Career, Children, TV Roles, Songs, Net Worth, Rhythm City

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Newsletter Subscription.Abantu bahleze bezibuza umbuzo owodwa wokuthi Quality biyela withathaphi imali, Unayo ngampela yini imali? Quality biyela insizwa edume kakhulu lapha emculweni ka Maskandi hhayi ngoba ingumculi kodwa ngenxa yobugcokama, umuntu owaziyo ukotini, Lwazi indwangu, nowazi Izindawo eziphezulu. Ujwayele uku posta ama video ama ninga ezinkundleni zokuxhumana a chaza abantu abaningi atrendayo.

Enye Yama video ake a trenda kakhulu Ile obekade eyenze nomculi we hip hop u Big Zulu ngesikhathi benza Instagram live video. Badidekile abantu abaningi banemibuzo ngesikhathi uquality evela engekho estezi lesi ajwayele ukuth uhlala kuso. Bekuvela sengathi usendlini ewu 1 room, uhleli nje embhedeni ongekho esimeni esihle.

Kanti futhi kulendlu kunekwe ama underwear endlini ulele khona, kune fridge kuphinde kuphekwe khona. Abanye abantu bagxeke uBig Zulu ukuthi yingani engayivalanva le video Uma ebona ukuthi kuvela izinto ezingekho zinhle, abanye bathi abayibonanga inkinga.

Zimiphi Biyela Biography: Age, Children, TV Roles, Pictures, Zimdollar, Net Worth, Durban Gen

Maningi amahemezi asuswe iyona le video abanye bese behamba beyomhleka ekhasini lakhe lika Facebook bemtshela ukuthi yingani ephila impilo eyi fake njengoba abanye becabanga ukuthi ngampela ukuthi uhlala kuyo lendlu. Ube esenza Enye I video ku Facebook wakhe echaza kabanzi ukuthi lendawo ebekade ekuyo akusiyona indawo ahlala kuyona, bekuyi hostela futhi ubeyofuna into yokudla.

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Source credit: We chat with iNkosazane. Skip to content. May 7, iReport SA News. You May Also Like.Women find it charming and men find it terrifying. He might have a few grey hairs on his beard but he still has a whole life ahead.

Born on the 5 th of May inMenzi is 37 years old. Quite a Jack of all trades and he executes each trade flawlessly. When he is not giving us the chills on the small screen, Biyale will be directing some movie, spitting rap bars somewhere or managing his production company.

Although he has a few accolades to his name, the actor has been in the industry for a while. Many a time Menzi is behind the scenes working his magic but when he steps in front of the camera, he does so with such swagger.

Biyale has featured in the following TV shows:. Mandlakhe, a man who is always composed more often than not disagrees with his boss decisions. The actor posts a photo of his son and captions it Happy Birthday. Check out the Instagram post below:. He is always with the attitude like a guy in his feelings.

Always out here in the streets working on his grind and he is good at it. His acting roles, views from his rap songs, writing and directing gigs keep the pennies rolling in. South Africa prays for Menzi Ngubane who is battling kidney problem. October 20, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

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